When Is The Best Time To Sell My Farm / Ranch / Hunting Land Property?

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Selling Farm, Ranch, Hunting Land Properties in Kansas, Colorado and Oklahoma


While there are no absolute guarantees, acreages of all types typically sell year-round with little influence by the month chosen to sell.  That said, properties are usually classified into three categories that include Crop Land, Ranch Land and Hunting Land.  Each category may have some slight differences and can be explained below. 

First, Crop land will sell good all year long.  There may be owners/operators or tenants in place that are developing exit strategies, but an operating farm will generally have a crop rotation plan in place.  Most of the time, the cropland will either have a growing crop or has been prepared for the next growing season.   

Second, Ranch land will also sell good all year long.  Owners/operators and or tenants of working ranches will generally have an established grazing plan in place that best suits each tract of pasture, which provides optimal yield and nutrition for the livestock. 

Third, Hunting and Recreational land will sell good all year long.  Depending upon the desired game to be hunted, there is typically an urgency to purchase this property type prior to the upcoming hunting season.  Most whitetail and mule deer hunters desire to procure their hunting areas with trail cameras, hunting blinds and food plots months in advance of the upcoming season. 

One thing to consider on any property is the current lease agreement.  Most states require that lease agreements, whether written or verbal, need to be terminated in writing.

In short, to answer “When is the best time to sell?” the answer is likely to be “What best suits you”. 

We’re here to help with any of your farm, ranch and hunting land questions.  Feel comfortable to contact any of our experienced agents or brokers to discuss your scenario in further detail.

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