Who Buys and Sells Farms and Ranches?

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Farm and Ranch Sales – Estate Beneficiaries


Sometimes easy questions don’t yield easy answers as one question will produce more questions. 

Case-in-point “What is a Farm or Ranch?”.    

“Farms and Ranches” can certainly be viewed with different perspectives, and there is no absolute right or wrong.  My “city” friends typically refer to living outside of a community and having a few acres as a “farm or ranch”.  For the sake of this discussion, I will state that a farm or ranch is 80 acres or more.

In our area of the High Plains, where crop and livestock productions are common, we typically see parcel sizes of 80 acres all the way up to several 1,000s of acres.  The smaller parcels are typically utilized as a supplemental source of income whereas the larger properties are utilized as a primary means of income. 

There is a diverse group of buyers comprised of local farm / ranch operators, institutional investors or private investors looking to expand their portfolios.  Their reason and intent for buying varies, but is typically for potential income earnings.  As of recent times, the low interest rates coupled with the view of land being a stable investment strategy, historically high numbers of acres are being purchased today.

The sellers are an equally diverse group comprised of local individuals, institutions, private investors and estate beneficiaries.  The later of this group, estate beneficiaries, represent a large sector over the past several years. 

When considering the sale or disposition of an estate, there are several things to be aware of and understand.  As a part of the seller’s due diligence you should understand current valuations, projected valuations, basis valuations, capital gains taxes and the transfer of ownership processes.

Our brokers, agents and staff will take the time to facilitate and answer your questions about the processes of selling.  Established relationships alongside a team of experienced and professional title company / escrow services and legal counsel, we hope to be your one-stop real estate brokerage company.

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